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What is a good gel nail dryer?

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1 What is a good gel nail dryer? on Thu May 24, 2012 3:42 am

As a gel nail fans, to have a good gel nail dryer can really help a lot when design gel nail arts, but what is a good gel nail dryer? I would list out three points for a good gel nail dryer based on my 5 years’ gel nail experience.

First, of course the most it dry the gel quickly. I think as a gel nail worker or lover, we have to use a uv a led nail dryer frequently, a fast dryer may greatly decrease the time of exposuring our hands in the UV and reduce the risk of UV harm to our skin.

Second, long working life and easy to use but with a fashion design. A nail dryer is mostly using for beauty, a fashion style one would keep us in a happy mood when we are doing beautiful stuff like nail art. But I hate some products always down when using. You know that what I just want is a reliable nail dryer that can work for me anytime I need. I hate to fix a broken machine that would consumer my time and patience. But I think the uspicy nail dryers do quite well for the quality for at less all the nail dryer I got from Amazon are now still in use. I started using the uspicy UV nail dryer for about 2 years.

Third, price should not be too high for just because most of us home or personal users would not want to pay much on such things, actually most of us would like to focus on my nail designs.

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