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what is the best eyeshadow colour for my eyes

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1 what is the best eyeshadow colour for my eyes on Sat Jun 13, 2009 11:20 am


i have dark brown eyes, what colour eyeshadow would be best for me?

Try bright colors, like teal & purple. It’ll bring out your eyes alot, & with the eye curler, try to apply the eyeshadow first then use your eyelash curler to curl, then mascara & if any spidery look, just get a brush to comb it out.

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It also depends on your hair color, I have blue eyes also and I use mostly the colors peach and black, but the colors of gold are my favorite! It is preferable for parties or evenings, but you can pretty much wear it all the time, if you do a smoky eye with black!

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I think purple and pink eye shadow is suitable for you. My eye color also brown. Personally i like Grey color.

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Just follow the steps....

* Choose the right shades for your eye colour. If you have blue/hazel eyes use a light shade of blue/turquoise to emphasise the colour.
* If you have brown eyes stick to natural colours as bold colours could overpower them making your eyes look less bright.
* Pick three shades that match your eye colour and the other colours you are going to apply. Recommended colour- light blue, dark blue, white. light blue, dark blue, black. light green, dark green, turquoise. light green, dark green, white. dark brown, light brown black. dark brown, light brown, white.
* apply the darkest colour on the outer of the lid and leave it(apply quite a bit as when it is smudged in it will fade)
* apply the medium colour in the crease of your eye and in the middle of your lid. Again apply a good amount for when it is smudged it.
* apply the lightest colour in the inner corner of the eye and also in the crease over the medium colour.
* get a brush that is quite thick but not to big. gently blend all of the eyeshadow together, smoothing them to your favourite amount.
* last of all apply a small amount of mascara, and a thin line of eyeliner to make your eyes appear bigger.

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